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[APD] PETP, I surrender myself to you!

Hi everyone,

My name is Erin and I'm a plant abuser. Since moving
to a new town, starting a new job and grad school, I
have neglected my planted tank to the point that it's
bordering abuse. I seem to be capable of killing (or
at least defoliating to the nth power) A. nana. 

I realize that in coming forward I risk prosecution
for my misdeeds unto my trusting, dependent plant
"life," but I really want to do better and I was
hoping you kind souls could find some compassion for
me and help me help them.

Tank specifics:

12G Nanocube with 24W 6700K PCF in there. 

Planted with the aforementioned Anubias-- the leaves,
one by one, got brown spots, decayed, and I just
yanked all but about 3 of them off (probably had close
to 70 before). 

Also some sunset hygro that really looks like crap and
a couple of crypts, a lutea and a ghost of a wendtii,
to be exact. 

The only thing thriving in there is some java moss and
a cladophora ball is hanging on, but worse for the

PH: 7.0
KH: 4
GH: 5
NO3: 25mg/L as of yesterday per Tetra kit
PO4: unknown.

This tank is new for me, and I'm not used to having
this much light. Obviously things are out of whack, I
know I've been slacking on the ferts. Given that kind
of light output, can someone suggest a ball-park guide
to how much of the macros and micros I should dose? I
have the whole Seachem line (thank God for those
Thanks in advance,

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