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Re: [APD] PETP, I surrender myself to you!

On Sunday, Sep 5, 2004, Erin Poythress <anang3 at yahoo_com> wrote:

12G Nanocube with 24W 6700K PCF in there.

I have three of those cubes, original lights, and compressed CO2, and have had to work pretty hard to kill any plant unless algae totally overtook it, or another more aggressive plant shaded it utterly. And things grow aggressively enough that I've had both of those problems while we were on our shakedown cruise together.

I've had trouble with one small anubias that is right under the lights, which gets a nasty thick hairy algae on it; the other anubias are mostly shaded and quite happy. One even one a prize in our club show as best plant.

So I'm puzzled as to what you could have going on in there that would kill an anubias....plant disease? Are there any fish in there, and if so, are they doing ok?

Diane Brown in St. Louis

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