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[APD] Re: Science fair project

I can tell you some references but most find that submersed aquatic plants have a wide temp range so I do not think you find much growth differences. The aquatic environment might seem/be assumed to be a more stable but there is a wide range of temps that SAP's are subjected too. 

I would try light, that way you can have the same water and thus introduce less error.
Most longer tanks work great for this. Say a 55 gal which is 48" L and you can add 2x20w or a 55 or a 110 PC light on a side and then less light on the other etc.
Easy and cheap to do.

I'd use one plant species. Something fast growing and easy.
Adding CO2 vs non CO2 is another one. That could be related to global CO2 levels ad many current issues.
If you have your heart set on temp's they are hard to duplicate each tank precisely(nutrients etc). I have some ref's if you need them. You can typically get them printed out at a University library etc. 

Tom Barr

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