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Re: [APD] When to add potassium

I think most iron test kits, except for very expensive
ones, will either jsut barely show any iron or none at all.
If the plants don't look iron deficient, you probably don't
need to worry about adding any more iron than is in the
Flourite and the Flourish.

How cool is your room? If a cool room is keping your yeast
from being very active, there are diff wine yeasts that are
perfectly happy at lower temps. I had a similar problem
with my basement tanks. After I switched to a wine yeast
that's active down to 60 F, the little fermenter started
going great.

Also, more than about 10% sugar gets to be toxic for some
yeast. And unless it's a yeast that can withstand high
levels of alcohol, the yeast can't use more than 10%
anyway.  Tarah Nyberg graciously allowed the Powerpoint
slides from her AGA 2003 Convention Focus Group to be put
up on the AGA website. Worth a look if you haven't seen it:


Good luck, god fun,
Scott H.
--- Aaron Steiner <steinish at adelphia_net> wrote:

> I have a fairly new planted aquarium and my wife just
> treated me to a 
> bunch of Seachem products.  Substrate is
> flourite/eco-complete/moon 
> sand fertilized with flourish tabs (overkill?).  I have
> been dosing the 
> tank the past month with Flourish and Flourish Excel in
> addition to my 
> piss-poor DIY CO2 set-up ? I'm only getting about 6
> bubbles a minute.  
> I just got an iron test and after reading no iron in the
> tank, I have 
> started adding that.  My question is, I was also given a
> potassium 
> supplement but have no way of measuring levels currently
> in my tank and 
> if it is needed or not...and if so, at what levels?  Are
> there signs 
> the tank will give me that there is a shortage of K2O?
> Be gentle with me....I'm a wicked newbie!
> Many thanks.
> Aaron
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