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Re: [APD] 9325 K GE Bulbs

Good points with which I do not disagree. But I would add a
that most actinic types of power compact fluorescents
probably yield plenty of light in the blue spectrum, which
plants are "hapy" to get, but the overall amount of light,
due to the lack of light in the yellow and red area of the
spectrum means that such bulbs are not as effective, watt
for watt, as "broad spectrum" or "triphosphor"  or
"daylight" bulbs.

Scott H.
--- david <hipchack at yahoo_com> wrote:

> It seems like any bulb can grow plants as long as
> there is enough of it. IMHO, I wouldn't be concerned
> with the type of light (ie K rating) but more with the
> amount of light that your plants are receiving. Almost
> all bulbs (except Actinics (?)) seem to provide enough
> light in the blue and red spectrums to grow plants.
> HTH,

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