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[APD] 9325 K GE Bulbs

These bulbs appear to be very popular today and with
good reason. They grow plants great and bring out
great color for your tank. Here are some posts
concerning them on a plant forum:


Tony sets up great pictures comparing these lights to
other bulbs on his beautiful tank. I am currently
using 2x55w 9325k bulbs on my 75g tank along with
2x55w 10000k and love it. I wish I had pictures to
share :(.  

It seems like any bulb can grow plants as long as
there is enough of it. IMHO, I wouldn't be concerned
with the type of light (ie K rating) but more with the
amount of light that your plants are receiving. Almost
all bulbs (except Actinics (?)) seem to provide enough
light in the blue and red spectrums to grow plants.


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