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[APD] Re: Barclaya

.....BTW, I took your advice and moved her over to the 29g and so far so good. I didn't realise that this plant got so large. It is currently the biggest plant in my tank with leaves that must be at least 30cm long. I am anxiously awaiting a bud to form :) Anyway, thanks again for the heads up. Have a good one.

Kind Regards
Cameron James

My plant is currently just a tuft of small leaves badly shaded by overrunning Hygrophila polysperma, but about a year ago I had flowers that self-fertilized and produced hard berry-like fruits that were about the size of marbles. They would persist for several weeks after reaching full size and then suddenly disintegrate. I never really saw any seeds, but I did see an occasional seedling, none of which made it very far. From the size of the seedlings, the seeds must be pretty small.
Paul Krombholz in humid central Mississippi, getting typical August weather, finally.
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