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[APD] Re: Acclimation

I use a plastic hang in tank sort of breeder box thing, and it has worked 
extremely well for me so far.  I pour the fish out of the bag into the breeder 
box in the tank (sometimes having to use the glass canopy to hold it down 
because the water level is too low in the box. I immediately use a clean plastic 
drinking cup (new and rinsed) to pour some water from the tank into the box.  I 
use another clean rinsed plastic cup to take water out of the box and dump.  I 
do this often enough (new water at least every five to ten minutes) to feel 
confident that there is very little of the old water left in the box before 
tipping it and allowing them to swim out at their will. I have done this from one 
to two hours and have had no ill effects.  I prefer this as well with always 
fearing the fish would get caught in the bag corners.  The breeder box was 
probably around $7 - $10 and I just clean with hydrogen peroxide and resuse next 
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