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[APD] Can one just give up?

Thanks for all the input.. it is much appreciated. The selenoid route.. this
just makes my head spin.... I don't understand that at all. Maybe if I had
one in my hand... and could get tactile about it I would be better off. I
took water samples yesterday to the LFS with the dead fish.. they are going
to replace them.. horray!!... when they tested the water they thought the
water was fine.. that there was nothing there that would cause this to
happen... so suggested we try to look at other things. The suggestion was to
change the charcoal since it has not been changed in months ( on the HOT
mangnam)... What he explained is that the carbon can only hold so much
toxicity.... and that there may be some form of toxicty in the tank that
can't be measured. The reason for his going this route is that we have had
major fish kills when we have done partial water changes.... what he
explained to me is that if the charcoal is maxed out in what it can hold..
that when there is a water change... the charcoal will release some of the
toxicity as a way of trying to maintain balance. This makes sense to me in
hindsight of having so many problems with fish kills after water
changes..... We will try adding some fish (just one) on Saturday and see
what happens. I was very happy with the LFS in how they are helping with

In gratitude for your help on the list,

John Van Rees

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