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hey tom...

oh darn.  i didn't get your message before i left... i
just got back last night.  i was there for a wedding. 
i didn't get to go to any stores except a big one i
walked by in chinatown.  

i did go to the steinhardt and the aquarium by the bay

i'm so sorry we didn't get to meet... maybe next time.

tsuh yang

> Subject: [APD] Re: Tsuh Yang
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> You can meet me there if you want Tsuh. I'm back in
> CA now for good. 
> So email me off list.
> I can show you the natural and the LFS and folks in
> the SFBAAPS group that are around here. 
> Albany Aquarium is located on San Pablo Ave in
> Albany. Take the Central Ave exit and go down 3
> blocks on your right, they are closed Thursday.
> I'll be heading over there Wed afternoon sometime. 
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr

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