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[APD] Re: As crotchety as I wanna be

>Don't listen to Tom, I met him at a get together in Vallejo this summer .... he isn't half old enough to be truly >crotchety. Damn, I've got kids older than he is, a boss about the same age too for that matter. At least the boss >listens better and is more respectful than the kids;-)

>Tom, you can try but it takes years of practice, but you'll need a few gray hairs before you really qualify ;-)


It's never too soon to start. I was born crotchety, complaining and screaming all the way out. They first slapped me to shut me up. Then I bit the doc's finger. At 7 years old I was bothering the LFS owner Ron Siamunic. I've got 30 years worth of crotechty behavior in this hobby. I still don't listen, I still complain and go on about stuff no one cares about. That qualifies me for the " front porch spit and whittle" club. Plus I don't drink, gamble, smoke or watch sports so add another 20 years for that and 1/2 a head of grey. Plus I work for the State.
Unless you have had a LFS on line owner try to sue you for your crotchetyness, you ain't even close. Top that. 

Having infested tank after tank with algae plagues over the years for pure pleasure and curosity, I have really come to enjoy crotchetyness. BBA, GW,GS, SH, GF, BGA, Hair and many others will make you that way or else you will give up.

Tom Barr 
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