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[APD] Re: Red worms in my filter -- good, bad, or ugly?

At 07:23 PM 8/10/2004 -0400, Ann Viverette wrote:

I found what appeared to be a live bloodworm in my filter and I am stumped
as to whether it is a bad thing or not. I've tried to research it, and from
SkepticalAquarist find it might be a midge fly larvae, or from old
APD/killie posts it could be a red tubifex worm. Can someone help me here?

The good news is that your worm is unlikely a reanimated bloodworm. It is also unlikely to be a tubifex worm, unless you have fed live specimens to your fish and some got sucked into the filter.

I have found these in Marineland filter pads before. I am not a wormologist, but I noticed that they do not have visible segments, and they look quite different under a magnifying glass than bloodworms, tubifex or blackworms. I posted an inquiry online about them, and got a ho-hum "seen em before, not harmful" response.

I've seen them occasionally since, and I guess I'm giving you a ho-hum "seen em before, not harmful" response as well.

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