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Re: [APD] Flourite

But just look at the stuff, man. Just *look* at it! 
If the dirt in your backyard looks like Flourite, you must
be living in the mine it comes from.

Don't recall anyone ever saying there was only one way to
do aquatic gardening. Method is not the point; that's a
just a red (Flourite) herring. Dirt the same as Flourite?
Just look at the stuff, man just look at it.

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:

> Scott wrote:
> > If you think dirt and Flourite are the same thing,
> either
> > you ain't seen Flourite or you ain't seen dirt.
> . . . there is nothing exceptional about
> Fluorite that is
> not available from using a very small amount of soil
> together with
> appropriate hydroponic mineral dosing. . .

Want to get dirty but stay clean? 

Diana Walstad, author of _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_ will discuss soil supplemented aquarium substrates at the 2004 AGA Convention.

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