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[APD] RE: Dirt Cheap Flourite -and- What is Onyx Sand?

But the shipping is the Joker in the deck.  Shipping out there to the West 
Coast runs around $12 a bag.  That makes it much more expensive than what 
the LFS sells it for.

Yeah, no kiding.  Though it actually comes out about the same when all is
said and done and the LFS doesn't carry the red color, so there is some

Still, I'm trying to decide if I should do just half flourite and half reg.
sand/gravel instead of the 3/4 mix I was originally planning on.  But I
don't want to end up regreting it for an extra 40 bucks or so...

One thing to note though is that if you print out the web page you might be 
able to get the local Pet(not so)Smart manager to price match it for you. 

Hey, there's a thought... :)
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