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[APD] Hello/Tank Size/Flourite

Hello everyone--

Have the read the archives with interest and would
like a few additional thoughts....

Tank Size:
I'm finally upgrading from a 29 gallon planted tank
with all the wrong stuff to a bigger tank with more of
the right stuff.  My new stand is 36x18 so I have my
eye on either a 50 gallon tank (36x18x18 - same height
as I have now) or a 65 gallon (36x18x24).  I know my
reach is fine on the 18" high and have stuck my arm
around in the 24" and can reach there too, including
the back, just not as easily.  I currently have 60
watts total on my 29 gallon (too low for what I'd like
to grow but some nice plants anyway) but will soon
have 125 watts total that I can put on the new tank. 
I can upgrade that, but probably not for 6 months.  
The plants I have now grow out of the water
constantly, so I had thought to get a taller tank, but
24" is more than I had in mind.  I just has to fit on
the stand (which was a freebie) so sizes are limited.

Question:  Aesthetically-speaking, do you all like the
looks of a 18" inch high or 24" inch high better? 
Which do you prefer for aquascaping?

Regardless of which tank I pick, from the calculations
in the archives, I've figured I need about 6 bags of
Flourite for 3-3.25 inches, which will leave me a
little for my 10 gallon.  My water is very, very soft
and I use some crushed coral in a bag in my Aquaclear

Second question:  Because my water is so soft and I
HAVE to use the crushed coral, should I substitute a
bag or two of Flourite for Onyx, which I understand
from the archives could help this?  Or should I
continue with the crushed coral and go all Flourite?

Thanks for any answers and the excellent archival info
I've found!


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