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Re:[APD] Help With My New Tank!! -- or - Like, Totally tubular language, man

Hi Scott,

You wrote: 
> PS: I'm sure how Generals talk about light bulbs.

Well, I know of one General, that goes by the name of General Electric.  ;-)
Their literature written for consumers refer more to "bulbs," but the
technical writing is strictly about "lamps."

The General also calls all of the lamps we're talking about (with or without
internal ballast) "compact fluorescent." This makes sense, since they all
are just that.

As a matter of fact, I did a google search of all gelighting.com webpages
(and that is a big heap) for the term "Power Compact." Zero results!

I don't doubt that "Power Compact" terminology is being used, but if one
wished to delineate by where the ballast resides, it would seem more logical
to refer to that criteria directly. Internally ballasted or externally
ballasted - IBCF and EBCF, respectively.

Anyhow, you're right, we're getting way off the APD track!
Enjoyed the AUTOANTONYMS site, BTW! "Dust" has been a personal favorite
autoantonymical term for many years.  :-)

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