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[APD] Yeah, I am back...

After selling my first home, moving to an apartment while my other home was being built, losing 98% of my fish and 99% of my plants in the moving, and finally moving back into my new home with the ability to start from scratch - I am ready to start all over again.

I have a few questions for those that would not mind helping.
1. I had metal halides with bell pendants, but this is something I would like to get away from this time. I was considering replacing my MHs with the JBJ 260W compact fluorescent system. Does anyone have an option on these lights over a 120 (4x2x2)? Would you recommend any other types of light. I am very use to having and successfully running my 120s with 500W of light over them. This time I would like to work with lower (less than 4W/gal) lights and hopefully lights that are not putting off as much heat.

2. Having an open top is very important to me, so I really have not sold myself on the idea of a canopy. The only thing I may use as a cover are the plastic egg crate covers that are used in offices. Any suggestions here, especially when using the JBJ lights?

Any other suggestions will be considered.

Donald Davis

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