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Re: [APD] New Set Up

A comment & A question. Comment: Angels are found with cardinal tetras because they eat them if they can. If the cardinals are big enough and the angels small enough, this won't be a problem...but it could be an issue when the angels reach full size.

A question: why will the temps be high?

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  In about two months, after moving by the end of August to the new home, I will finally will fulfill my desire: to set up and mantain a planted tank.
  I need some advice and guidance.
  I will select something between 40 and 75 gallons, if the tank is too high, I may consider removing the top frame, have it cut down to near 12 inches by a glass cutter and putting back the top frame with silicone.
  I will use pressurized CO2 and reto-kits of CF light (sold by AH Supplies). Filter will be canister, probably Eheim( the one with the heater included inside).
  Now regarding the flora and fauna, I will like(does not mean I will get)a South American biotope, heavy on the plants side and about 4 or 5 wild peruvian angelfishes, a shoal of cardinal tetras or black neon tetras, a couple of siamese alga eaters and a squadron of Cardinia or other specie of shrimps that tolerate the low PH, low KH and high temp., and of course do a decent job on the algae.
  Will the angels make a meal of the shrimps or they can coexist together?
  Will my only option as "prized fishes" be limited to blue rams only?
  What plants will you recommend for this tank?

  Thanks in advance,

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