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[APD] Driftwood and chili loaches

Can anyone tell me if they have had khuli loaches or other fish die off
after adding driftwood?  About 3 years ago, I added a piece of driftwood
to a 20 gal. planted tank.  I had 3 or 4 khuli loaches, and some tetras
in the tank.  I had the loaches for about 2 years when I added the wood. 
It had some cavities that the loaches could swim through, so I thought
they would "love" it.  But within a couple of weeks, they were all dead. 
The tetras, however, were fine.  Did the driftwood kill the loaches?  It
was the kind that is attached to a piece of marble, and I bought it in a
local pet store.  I soaked it for months in a bucket of (well) water
before adding it to the tank.  I am thinking of adding khuli loaches
again, and would like to know if I should remove the driftwood first.  I
believe it has decayed some. (There are no plants growing on the wood,
and I will be replanting the tank as well.)  Thanks for any replies.

James Newville

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