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Re: [APD] Eheim Aqua Fluid Liquidoser

I got one soon after they came out. It seemed to work well for the few days I used it, then I bumped it into the tank while doing my regular maintenance and water change. It did not respond well to total immersion - in fact it responded quite negatively to total immersion. I did not replace it.

I can't remember how much it holds - probably a bit over 100 ml. The dose delivered is a fixed amount and I think I measured it as around 1.7 ml but memory could fail me now after several years. You'll have to measure that yourself since the manual did not state the volume of the dose. You can set it to deliver several doses in order to build to larger volumes per dose, and have it dose several times a day as well.

Because of the dosing system, you may have to dilute your fertiliser mix in order to have it deliver the dose you want.

David Aiken

On 24/07/2004, at 2:12 AM, Rushui Guan wrote:

hi there

I am a very lazy fish keeper.  I have always failed to dose
consistently.  So I have decided to get a doser.

Has anybody use Eheim Aqua Fluid doser?  There is not much description
about it on this product.  I don't even know how much liquid it can

Eheim is the only electronic doser fits into my budget ($50).  Does
anyone know any other brand that's under $100?

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