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[APD] The tank I have always wanted

Hello Everyone,
                      I have recently decided to purchase a 370+ gallon acrylic tank or a 300 gallon all glass tank ( same dimensions but acrylic is 5 inches taller ). Either of these tanks will I be happy with, but I have never had nor known anyone who has had, an acrylic tank. Glass tanks hold no mysteries for me but I have a number of concerns regarding the acrylic. I imagine a lot of aquatic plant folk have experience with acrylic so I am hoping someone will put my fears to rest or save me from a very expensive blunder. Both tanks are over $1000 with the acrylic being more expensive obviously ( although not by much ) That much money is hard to come by for a tank and even harder to justify to the wife. Needless to say, I will never get away with this again.  ( she doesn't appreciate fish and never had a houseplant last more than a month ) At any rate, I am wondering if otos, SAE, or plecs will gnaw their way through in their constant search for algae. I wonder if anyone has noticed whether or not light is hindered by traveling through 3/4 inch of acrylic top, or how badly algae forms on underside of top. Or for that matter, how difficult is it to get algae off acrylic, how hard to clean, hazing etc. I realize that it will be harder to plant and prune etc. considering the top of the acrylic ( any horror stories? ) I am hoping that the acrylic might hold temp better than glass? Does acrylic stain? These and other worries have plagued me. I would prefer the acrylic because it will be so much easier to move if nessasary, including getting it in the house and to its resting place. Plus, who wouldn't want an extra 70+ gallons. Any advice on this matter will be much appreciated.
                                                                                                                     Thanks,   Mike
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