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Re: [APD] Online shop recommendations

Without knowing others I  can comment on PetGuys. I used PetGuys about a
dozen times so far for a year or two. Their prices are good, delivery is
very fast and customer service is very responsive. Of hundreds of items I've
bought I've had only one problem with a power filter - it had minor damage.
After I contacted customer service the filter was replaced immediately and
completely free (even shipping back was free).

They have my highest recommendations.

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From: "Cynthia S Powers" <cyn at americangroupisp_com>
Subject: [APD] Online shop recommendations

> Has anyone done business with Pet Expo, Creative Pets or PetGuys?
Hopefully none
> of these companies will sue us if anyone has critical comments but, if
> worried, feel free to reply to me directly.
> TIA,
> Cynthia

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