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Hello everyone,
                      Something very odd happened in one of my tanks last night that I can't explain. One of my zebra danios had the &%# at * crap beat out of it by something. Thing is, theres nothing but a few corys and more danios in the tank. This fish has no tail at all, one gill is ripped up and bloody and there are abrasions/marks all over the body. Tank has been set up just over one month with no problems. I got my order from Aquariumplants.com this weekend and yesterday I put maybe 40 MTS in the tank. I didn't notice anything on the plants while I was planting them and the MTS were tiny. I cant imagine what happened unless the MTS are able to sneak up on fish and catch them napping, swarm over them, and make a meal of them. Obviously this did not happen so that leaves two possibilities. One, that giant guppy I forgot to mention I had thrown in, and Two, something came in with the plants. The guppy was put in because she was Petrified in the tank she came from. always in the top corner of the tank, hiding behind filter return. This fish only ate what the current brought over to her hideout. I am therefore convinced that this guppy didn't have the backbone to attack a fish nearly her own size and keep at it for as long as it took to do this amount of damage.
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