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[APD] Back in the saddle again

After a 10 year break for schooling and getting settled into a new life, I'm getting back into planted aquariums. My previous setup was based on advice from the Internet and various websites. I was mostly high tech and followed the Dupla ideas with pretty good success. But it seems as though things aquatic have changed in the last decade!

I still have all my old equipment - CO2, wet/dry filters, etc. But I can't seem to find Dupla fertilizers (or for that matter, the sources that I used to buy from or the Dupla website!). I tried to e-mail George and Karla Booth but they don't seem to respond. I was inspired by the video tape they sent around to the AGA and the Internet back in the early 90s and was hoping they knew a source for Dupla since their website still extols its virtues.

Reading the APD indicates that most folks have moved beyond Dupla and use either Kent, SeaChem or their own homebrew fertilizers. I've been trying to piece together the right recipe. Tom Barr seems to be the guru these days but I can't find the location of his "complete instructions", just bits and pieces of related info. I am a voracious reader and would refrain from asking this question if I could find the info elsewhere.

So, what is the regimen for success with plants? I have LaMotte test kits for most parameters with fresh reagents so I am looking for appropriate ratios of CO2, Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium, Trace elements and light. My tank setup will be:

o 100 gallon (60"x18"x22" high).
o wet/dry filter
o automated CO2
o 220 watts of new AHS light (4x55), mix of 5500K and 6300K
o quartz gravel and flourite mixture
o my tap water is soft and free of chloramines

My goal is to enter the 2005 AGA Aquascaping contest!

Thanks for any and all advice.

Jack Olinger

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