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[APD] Re: amano shrimp deaths... sign of something worse

Sorry to hear about the losses of your shrimp, and the stress on the fish.

You're right about what killed the shrimp -- it was both the temperature
increase and having the lights off.  Warmer water holds less O2.  A six
degree change in temperature is -a lot-, and lowers the amount of oxygen you
have available, total.  Then, the lights were off, so the plants weren't
adding any O2.  I bet, like a lot of plant people, you don't have a lot of
surface agitation, and therefore your fish tanks O2 supply comes almost
entirely from the plants, with surface exchange being minimal.  Remember,
also, that although plants produce O2 as a side product of metabolism, they
do respire like you and I -- in other words, they also used up O2, all day,
and all night.  If you have to do a dark-period again, add an air-stone or
otherwise aerate the water.  You didn't say how big the tank is, or what the
load in it is fish/animal-wise, but my guess is that it may be a little
overcrowded.  You may want to consider getting rid of some of the fish.

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