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Re: [APD] Potassium bicarbonate -- or - Welding trust with vendors

Try taking a copy of _The Aquatic Gardener_ with you the
next time you go the welding shop. You're right that they
aren't really hip to aquatic gardening. IN fact, the shop
where I buy my CO2 has a 90 gal aquarium set up and it even
has some plants in in it but no CO@ and plenty of algae.

Scott H.
--- Gwmangen at cs_com wrote:
> . . .  The guy at the welding supply store got mad at me 
> when I
> told him I was 
> growing aquarium plants because he thinks I'm growing pot
> with my CO2.  He acted 
> like a man that thought he was being lied to.  I could
> see the anger in his 
> eyes.  Alas, we are such a misunderstood lot.

It's the contest that started international competition in aquascaping
planted aquaria! AGA's 2004 Aquascaping Contest is open for entrees:


Novices and experts alike show their skills. Past winners have been
novices and experts, too. You can view all the entrees at The 5th AGA
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