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RE: [APD] Bad air and light?

>I've been lurking for about four months reading the archives and have
been fascinated by all the
>information on lighting, CO2 and fertilization.  I've been in the hobby
for twenty-five years
>and have learned more lurking around here than I ever thought I knew

Intriguing, isn't it?  The science involved with growing plants in a
fishtank is increasing exponentially over time.  Plants used to be an
add-on to make a tank pretty.  These days it's a whole other dimension.
You no longer have to keep the fish happy, you have to make plants happy

In the olden days when a plant died you replaced it, now you have to
keep the plants alive.

It's all a good thing of course.   We recognise now, that generally
speaking a fish will only be happy with plants, and generally speaking
plants are are happier with fish to provide nutrients.

As for your detailed questions, I have opinions, but I'll leave it to
the experts to respond.


If algae is a problem when Fe rises above 0.05 and NO3 rises above 5ppm
I'd suggest you have a nutrient deficiency.  Perhaps a Potassium (k)
deficiency, but it could also be a trace element problem.  Try adding
Pottasium Sulphate (K2SO4) at the rate of 1/4 tsp per 100 gals. 

If that doesn't help ask again :-)



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