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[APD] Another year, another plant fest

I was talking to Bob as he left. We agreed that even someone who doesn't
care about aquatic plants would have had a great time or someone as
passionate as Amano.
That's a broad appeal. Everyone was tanned and worn out by the end of the
3rd day. 
The Santa Fe river canoe trip was exceptional due to low and very clear
water this time of year. 
Our first stop was only a few hundred yards down where there, was Najas,
Hydrilla, willow moss on many rocks(like riccia stones), Shoestring sags,
red vals, smaller E tennellus, E rangeri swords, Chara, Hygrophila
ploysperma, hairgrass, Redfoxtail, turtles and wood all over, fish and more

The moss stones were very nice. 

The shallows were very beautiful and looking back over the water, you would
be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and the Amazon
Off in the distance a banjo played.

We stopped off at several  spots along the way and swam in Lily springs
with it's unique quirky attitude and saw the water just billowing up from
mother earth. 
Prior, we saw a section of river that disappeared into a side branch with
about 60% of the flow being diverted back underground.

We saw a gar, about 3 feet long. 
No one has kept this native fish in planted tanks for some reason. I think
they are well suited and have a very nice personality. 

After liberating some of my enslaved plants, the last of the group
wopndered off to fill their tanks with fish, plants and more driftwood than
they could carry. 
Thoroughly exhausted, they survived another plant fest. 
Bob brought some Lag's and some nice crypts and a rare african Aroid, about
a 120$ plant in speciality stores.

Kasslemann's Nymphoides was handed out for free to many memebers. 
Lots of Blyxa was parlayed to those that were willing.
People saw lots of fish, plants, habitats, we wented to 5 places to collect
driftwood,  a couple of stores that sell only that, you will see 2 large
pieces on Ebay soon that I collected that are nothing short of spectacular.

The smaller branches and their ease of use was shown to the folks Friday
night at my humble abode.
Ricky Cain is 40 years old:-) He got a free dinner at Chopstix's an Asian
place over looking the lake.

Some member's decided to head on down to Florida Aquatic nurseries since
they just could not get enough here.
Friday's group got to see rare Russian Sturgeon, then we took them in and
gave everyone posters for invasive and native plant posters and cards,
shown the reference section, saw some books on the aquatic plants of Japan,
the Aquatic plants of Australia and other nice things.

I might have a similar thing this following year either here or in CA.

Tom Barr



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