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[APD] Re: Orchids and armadillos - bass

It sounds like it was a nice trip!

A minor correction:  Smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui) are not found in 
Florida, one of three states in which they do not reside.  There are five 
native basses in Florida, the most significant one of which there is the 
largemouth, M. salmoides.  Of course, somebody might have illegally introduced some 
smallmouths recently.

Years ago the accepted world record size for smallmouth bass was about 18 
pounds.  It was eventually thrown out, because the fish was caught in Florida and 
"smallmouths just don't live there."  The current world record is about 12 

The world record for largemouth bass is about 22 pounds, set in 1932 in 

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