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[APD] Re: Question about Use of Chemical Filtration Media in

I haven't used any chemical filtration in decades, except after treatment with medications in my quarantine tanks.  There I use carbon to remove any "drug" i may have treated with before dumping the water into the drain or front lawn.  I wrap the dead carbon in plastic and send it out to the curb on carbage day.  I've wondered if maybe I should bake it for a while to decompose medications instead and then toss it out.

Chemical filtration is effective in removing dissolved organics and "discolorations", but so is REGULAR PARTIAL WATER CHANGES (capitalized because REGULAR PARTIAL WATER CHANGES should always be emphasized when discussing tank maintenance).  A lot of what is sold as aquarium essentials is actually just essential under specific circumstances or not at all.  Commercially prepared gravel, for example, is very expensive compared to the stuff I can get at a quarry for $2 a bucket.  I test with pHDOWN and pHUP before purchasing, though lately my pHDOWN is just muriatic acid, also bought on the cheap at the local home improvement center.

Bob Dixon
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