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Re: [APD] Re: transporting CO2 tanks?

Bill Wallace at bwallace at mitra_com wrote:

> There are two reasons to transport gas bottles vertically.  For compressed
> gasses, that compress to a liquid, if the valve fails, and you get liquid
> contents on you, you tend to get a frozen limb.

There's really no such thing as liquid CO2 at normal atmospheric
pressure...for very long, anyway. It's going to solidify virtually
instantly. (Not that getting hosed with CO2 frost is any less dangerous.)
Douglas Guynn at d_guynn at sbcglobal.net wrote:

> I believe this is actually a DOT requirement for sales and delivery
> vehicles, although I may be mistaken.

It's only required for flammable gases in cylinders with safety relief
valves. Here's the Federal code (CO2 is a Class 2 gas, btw):

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart B?Loading and Unloading
§ 177.840   Class 2 (gases) materials.

(a) Floors or platforms essentially flat.
Cylinders containing Class 2 (gases) materials shall not be loaded onto any
part of the floor or platform of any motor vehicle which is not essentially
flat; cylinders containing Class 2 (gases) materials may be loaded onto any
motor vehicle not having a floor or platform only if such motor vehicle be
equipped with suitable racks having adequate means for securing such
cylinders in place therein. Nothing contained in this section shall be so
construed as to prohibit the loading of such cylinders on any motor vehicle
having a floor or platform and racks as hereinbefore described.

(1) Cylinders. 
Cylinders containing Class 2 gases must be securely restrained in an upright
or horizontal position, loaded in racks, or packed in boxes or crates to
prevent the cylinders from being shifted, overturned or ejected from the
motor vehicle under normal transportation conditions. However, after
December 31, 2003, a pressure relief device, when installed, must be in
communication with the vapor space of a cylinder containing a Division 2.1
(flammable gas) material.
 . . .
(b) Portable tank containers containing Class 2 (gases) materials shall be
loaded on motor vehicles only as follows:

 (1) Onto a flat floor or platform of a motor vehicle.
 (2) Onto a suitable frame of a motor vehicle.
 (3) In either such case, such containers shall be safely and securely
blocked or held down to prevent movement relative to each other or to the
supporting structure when in transit, particularly during sudden starts and
stops and changes of direction of the vehicle.


Dan Dixon

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