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RE: [APD] Re: transporting CO2 tanks?

There are two reasons to transport gas bottles vertically.  For compressed gasses, that compress to a liquid, if the valve fails, and you get liquid contents on you, you tend to get a frozen limb.  If the valve fails and you get gas contents on you, then you get a little bit of frostbite.  Not nearly as bad.  This depends on the gas.  Some are much worse than others.  EG liquid nitrogen is not really a problem (you can scoop it up with your hand for short periods), liquid propane is extremely dangerous, as is liquid helium.  I have no idea about liquid CO2.

The other reason is that if you ever manage to completely remove the neck of even a 20 lb tank of compressed gas, it will go through a concrete wall 10-20 cm thick.  The big bottles are even worse.  If they are pointing at the ground, then it tends to expend most of the energy on the ground instead of tearing up people or going through cars or building walls.

Transport them valve upright.


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