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Re: [APD] transporting CO2 tanks?

It's really best to have the tank out of the passenger
compartment. The probability of a problem is low but he
risks are still high.

The front seat might be the last place you want a heavy
object that's held in place pretty much jsut be gravity --
in the event of a traffic collision, objects that gravity
had been holding in place suddenly become projectiles. In
fact the inertial dynamics of automobile cargo often
surprises drivers who thought things were packed just fine
when the car was standing still.

Many vehicles manufacturers these days are sensible enough
to provide pins or loops for attaching tie-down straps in
the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle. The cost of a
bungie or tie-down strap is a lot less than the cost of 10,
20, 40 pounds of metal traveling at you at 30, 40, 50 mph.
Of course, you can always bet that you'll never be in an
traffic collision -- they hardly ever happen, right?

Scott H.

--- "John G. Glaeser" <jglaeser at wisc_edu> wrote:
> How about stabilizing CO2 bottle within a 5 gallon bucket
> (use towels 
> and the like as stuffing), then positioning this module
> on the floor, 
> in front of, front passenger seat? Works in a Honda
> Civic, as long as 
> one doesn't have a front seat passenger.

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