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Re: [APD] transporting CO2 tanks?

S. Hieber at shieber at yahoo_com wrote:

> It's really best to have the tank out of the passenger
> compartment. The probability of a problem is low but he
> risks are still high.

The only thing between the interior and the trunk of most passenger cars is
the back seat cushion, which isn't usually surrounded by weather stripping.
Some cars even have little access doors through the cushion to the trunk. I
guess it'll isolate the driver from the noise and condensation, but if a
tank pops in the trunk, the gas is probably going to enter the passenger
area and force good air out the interior vents, unless your trunk lid is
cracked open or the car is old and leaky. Trunks are also hotter than the
passenger compartment in the summer.

In the summer time, even in my pickup, I put my tank on the seat, strap it
in, and run A/C to keep it cool. I don't take the interstate, and I don't
stop for milk on the way home.

Dan Dixon

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