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RE: [APD] transporting CO2 tanks?

I spoke with a police aquatance of mine (Orlando PD), and he said he never
heard of anything about it.  He even said "If I saw a tank in a car I would
say 'hey look, they have a tank' and keep walking."  He also mentioned that
someone more related to vehicles & traffic would know better than him.  

About the thread with the BGA problem & green water - I successfully battled
both of these issues recently, but of course your solution may be very
different from mine.  My 29 gallon tank had BGA covering everything from the
gravel, driftwood and the few plastic plants my wife made me put in the
tank. Once I upgraded my lighting, now at 2x55watt CF the BGA went away. (It
does come back, but only in small patches that I usually don't worry about
it) I've tried many times (obviously unsuccessfully) in treating it with
E-mycin - it would kill it, but it would come back in a month or so. I also
succeeded in killing my prized clown loaches that were 8-9 inches during the
treatment.  Soon after I upgraded my lighting, green water plagued me for 3
months, I finally called Seachem because I figured it was from the flourish
tabs I had used in my tank 3-4 days before the water started to cloud.  They
said that tabs couldn't leech into the water column, and due to the change
in lighting, I probably needed to do water changes more frequently, and
buffer my pH without a product that contained phosphorus.  Otherwise a UV
sterilizer is what he recommended for my tank. He said that the UV-C
lighting shouldn't break down any fertilizers added to the tank. After doing
about 4 good water changes (about 50% each time) in a course of 3 weeks, my
tank cleared up and has stayed clear since.  I don't know if my
recommendations here are good or worthwhile for you, but they did work for

Otherwise, does anyone know of a place to get aquatic plants in Central
Florida (Orlando - Tampa)/North Florida (Gainesville)? Or is anyone willing
to share some plants and advice? My LFS only has dead/dying plants and a
selection of about 5 plants - all which I don't want.  I'm trying to put
together a nicely aquascaped tank, but I havn't been too successful with
plants - just with algae as read above.  :) 

Hope I could help & Thanks in advance!!


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All this talk about CO2 tanks reminds me of something my supplier told
me the last time I got a CO2 tank. He told me that in Florida it's
illegal to transport a filled tank in my car ($10,000 fine no less),
that it should only be transported in an open pickup truck. He said one
of their customers got stopped by the police after somebody noticed the
tank in the back of her car at a Wal-mart parking lot (that I can

I find that really hard to believe, especially since I've never heard
that when I pick up a propane tank with my car. On the other hand, I'd
hate to be proved wrong... has anyone else heard this?



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