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RE: [APD] BGA outbreak and Green Water -- or - Penetrating UVC

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Subject: Re: [APD] BGA outbreak and Green Water -- or - Penetrating UVC

Using a UV is a relatviely easy but very expensive way to
deal with GW. If you have your chems out of balance, you'll
want to get them back in balance because you'll have one
kind of algae or another with an imbalance andt he UV is
only going to be effective against what floats past it.

Once things are in balance, you probably can run your tank
without a UV without any problem. Nice to have for
"emergencies" and to moderate things whem your chem levels
start to drift. Somewhat like having a surplus of
biofilter, a UV can provide some "buffer" and make your
tank behave a bit tamer.

As for CO2 or planted tanks: I haven't noticed any diff in
plant growth with tanks using or not using UVs. I suspect
the effect of high energy photons (UV-C) on trace element
chelators and compounds is less than we might have imagined
or at any rate, less significant than the amount of traces
we add.

Don't be afraid to use one, but speak to your banker first.

The nutrient balance is the frustrating thing. Although Tom suggested that
something must have changed to cause the green water, in my case I have no
idea what that "something" is. If I can get it under control using the
Vortex that would be great. If not it's a U.V unit or complete strip down.
As far as the price of these units go I think that they are relatively
cheap. A turbo twist 9 watt model good for up to 125 gallons is about
$139.00 (Cdn) and much cheaper in the U.S. Not bad IMO.


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