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[APD] RE: MH bulbs

> I just picked up 2 used 175 halide units at a great price.  What bulb is
> best for a freshwater planted tank, 4k or 5.5k?  Would the same bulb also
> appropriate for a saltwater plant tank?
> CS

5.5K will appeal to your eye better and give the plants better color
generally, but in terms of growth rates, the 4K light is typically better
in most cases. I'd certainly get the 5.5 K bulbs, look around for cost, the
cost varies quite a bit and I've found some pretty good deals if you look. 
These same 5.5K bulbs are appropriate for saltwater fish and plants,
generally corals/inverts like a tad bluer end, 6.5K - 10K depending on
species, some do well with a spike at 7100K of atinic blue(these have only
this single color spike),  but sw plants are the same as fw plants in terms
of their general needs, there are a few deeper water macroalgae but few, if
anyone keeps those.  
If it grows FW plants, it'll grow Sw plants. Generally SW plants need/take
more light. 

Tom Barr

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