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Re: [APD] re: Azoo CO2 indicator

On Fri, 14 May 2004 02:44:44 +1000, Chris McMahon
<chrismc at bigpond_net.au> wrote:

> The instructions made no mention of creating an air bubble, however it
> appears one can be created by the device. I'll let it go overnight and
> see what happens. Normally the dye leaks out in an hour or so.

The indicator kept turning upside down, spinning on it's single suction
cup every time I tried to put a bubble in the lower section - now being
top heavy with the indicator fluid on top and the air bubble below,  I
eventually wedged it into a corner.

Checked it this morning and yet again, the indicator had leaked out. It
still had it's air bubble - don't ask me how the indicator leaked out -
it appears to anti-gravity properties.
Chris McMahon             Email=chrismc at bigpond_net.au
Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia     GMT:+10:00
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