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Re: [APD] Re: Square Pin PC Bulbs

Generally, the square pin (4 pins in a sqaure arrangement -
base GY10Q) bulbs are not direct substitutes for the
straight pin (4 pins in a row - base 2G11) bulbs. The
square pin bulbs are designed to run at a higher current
and lower voltage. For example, if you run square pins on
Fulham ballasts, you would use diff ballasts or diff wiring
arrangements than you would for straight pin bulbs.

This doesn't mean that one can't get the diff bulbs to
light on the same ballast, wired the same way, but the bulb
is unlikely to perform up to specs unless matched
appropriately with the ballast.

Some ballasts have current control circuits that adapt
reasonably well and handle either style of bulb without
rewiring and without a stark change in performance - but
that's not ture for most ballasts. So, if you're going to
switch bulb type, you might consider changing out the
ballast for a better match.

Btw, Hellolights.com sells 55 watters in both the straight
and square pin style and their prices are pretty good. 

Scott H.
--- Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:
> >Does anyone on the list know where I can buy sqare pin
> 55 watt 6700K bulbs? I
> >can't seem to find them anywhere. Champion and AH Supply
> doesn't have them.
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Wormy
> My old Hamilton bulbs were that way, you can check 
> http://www.hamiltontechnology.com/
> I replaced the sockets on my Hamilton ballast so that I
> could use the AH 
> Supply bulbs though since the AH Supply bulbs were about
> 50% cheaper. The 
> new sockets were only a few dollars and it was an easy
> retrofit that saved 
> me money the first time and will save more in the future.
> The existing 
> ballast is pretty good and should last a long time.
>          -Bill
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