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[APD] Flowering Bacopa Monnieri :)

I have Bacopa Monnieri growing in one of my tanks. It reached the surface and I gently coaxed the plants to grow out of the tank through a small gap in the glass sliders. I was'nt expecting the plant to thrive seeing in that it is so close to the flourescents I thought it would dry out! Much to my surprise it is thriving and probably trailing a good 20cm across the glass slider, it is directly under the lights and still seems to be fine, several new branches have stemmed out from the main shoot! I desperately want this plant to flower (it will be my first aquatic flower, I'm still a virgin!), must I just give it some time or do I need to play with my nutrient dosing or perhaps shorten the light cycle? Thanks for any advice offered.

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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