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[APD] re: pH Calibration Solutions

I am getting ready to order a pH/CO2 controller for my system(Milwaukee SMS
122) and was wondering if I also need to order pH calibration solution.Is it
required? Thanks.


The SMS 122 comes with pH 7.0 calibration solution. You also need pH 4 or
10. I can never understand why they don't include it with the unit, as 2
point calibration is the only way to get accurate readings. Great unit other
than that. Probably the best value for us plant keepers in a controller.

I like to calibrate with 7 and 4 more than 7 and 10, since most of my
readings are between 4 and 7 anyways, but it is not a requirement.

I personally prefer the individual packets. They keep well, and can be
ordered from any of the large MO houses if you can't get them locally,
figure $1 to $1.50 each MO depending sometimes on how many you get. I
usually get them when I need something else, as shipping eats up any savings
if you only buy them.


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