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[APD] Some stuff on N and other nutrients

Some people were discussing the role of N and P in relation to aquatic
plants and wanted some more in depth reading/background:

Here's a few diagrams from UC Davis and some general test questions. 

N cycling: 

And here's a good one for you for NH4 and NO3 assimlation and rates etc: 

This is a good site for some of the comments on lakes and plants: 

Note Mn and NO3. 

Here's something that might bother you also about high CO2 and NO3 

You read all that, and you'll have a good understanding about plant biochem
or a headache:-) Seriously, there are good info in each one of these sites. 
These will help understand and argue for various observations in aquatic
plants not just with N or P, but also with K, CO2 etc. 
While we often want to narrow things down to one nutrient etc, it's very
often several. 

So for folks that want to bite off a little more and know plants inside and
not just their names, there's a little reading.
The site from Purdue is good.

Tom Barr

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