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[APD] RE: Driftwood, tannins and calcium deficiency

> I mix a very dilute solution of ferts in a 5 gallon Aquadose for 24/7
> dosing. This mixture includes the CSM +B trace mix for iron and fleet
> for phosphate. Would the reaction you mention above be an issue in
> this solution?


It seems to be very pH dependent.  If you have very alkaline water, it might
be a concern.  If you think it might be an issue, you can drop your pH to
something slightly acidic using either muriatic acid (pool supply places
would have, maybe Home Despot?) or if it was a small volume, vinegar (thanks
to Ghazanfar Ghori for this tip).  As you might know, rate is proportional
to the product of concentrations, so you're on the right track to slow the
reaction at least.  I personally dose trace when I leave in the morning,
macros at night with the hope of preventing this from happening.  I have no
idea to what extent it might happen in a tank.  What I do know is that I
sure need to add a lot more iron in my water column than my plants could
ever use... where it all goes is planted tank mystery #1 for me right now.

You can really see this reaction happen if you mix the PO4 + iron without
diluting, you get an almost instant white precipitate which I'm told is
fairly insoluble.

Jeff Ludwig

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