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[APD] CO2 Equipment Website

Hi everyone,
I was surfing the Web tonight and saw this this site that sells CO2
equipment and found the lowest price on a CO2 equipment combo I have ever
seen before. How about a Milwaukee Instruments brand single stage, dual
gauge regulator with solenoid, needle valve, and bubble counter, a Milwaukee
Instruments SMS 122 CO2 controller, and an Aqua-Medic Reactor 1000 for get
this, $180.99.

The Aqua Medic reactor is the big boy, good for tanks up to several hundred
gallons. I use one on my 240 gallon. The SMS 122 is a great unit, I own
three. I have no experience with the Reg, but since it is a Milwaukee, it is
probably fine as well.

They have several other combos as well as CO2 tanks for sale, along with
most anything you'd need for your gas setup.

They also have the Reactor 1000 for sale separately for $59.99, cheapest I
have ever seen it on the Web.

The website is www.co2-canisters.com

Click on CO2 equipment and click on Combos.

If you priced this stuff separately even by mail order it is like getting
the reg, controller, or reactor for free.

No affiliation. Insert usual diesclaimers.


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