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I can't say I've noticed any problems either with the fish in my tanks, I've
had several egg layers breed in my tank and it's an MTS metropolis after
lights out!

Perhaps some fish are able to protect their eggs better than others from
these snails....  but I have to admit I'm not a fish breeder and prefer the
benefits of MTS snails over any breeding issues they may present. When
important eggs show up, I move them to a dedicated tank.

Giancarlo Podio

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I actually posted this on the wrong list first..oh well old age is setting

 I find all this talk about MTS snails
eating fish eggs very interesting. I had never known that before or seen it,
but it seems to be common knowledge here.  I would venture though that it
may depend on the type of fish and where they lay their eggs. I have raised
Kribensis fish quite successfully in a tank crammed full of MTS snails, as
well as Angels. Perhaps these fish defend their eggs better? I have also
seen Kribensis eat small pond snails, I am not sure if they go after MTSs
since my MTS snail population in my Kribensis tank was unaffected.  In my
shrimp tank, when I feed my shrimp algae wafers, all the MTS snails surface
from  under the gravel to feed on the wafers. It is kinda erie to see the
gravel start to move and churn as they appear, but it makes it real easy to
remove them.

Robert Hudson

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