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Re: [APD] Blown Ballast -- or - blown opportunities for obvious advice

You want to fix Kim's car? ;-)

I believe AHS stopped using those quick-connectors some
time ago and switched to using wire nuts.

A bit embarrassing that none of us (including me)  said,
"First thing, check all of the wiring and connections."
After all, that advice comes right after the repair
suggestion, "Check that it's plugged in and the wall socket
is live" and "check for any moths on the circuit boards",
which btw, was the first computer bug -- although a moth
isn't a true bug, taxanomically speaking. ;-)

Scott H.
--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I did call AH Supply and it turned out it had nothing to
> do with the ballast. Kim said to look at where the two
> yellow wires connected in the spring clip thingy, and to
> replace it with a wire nut. I looked, one of the wires
> had melted, my husband replaced the connector and all is
> well. Kudos to Kim for long distance diagnosing!
> Now if only his car were as easy to fix...

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