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Re: [APD] Re: Blue-Green Algae, or Is It?

Congratulations. You've had hair algae too and bladderwort
and duckweed. ;-)

Wow, something is leaching PO4 and NO3 and I doubt it's the
fishfood unless you're really pouring the stuff in.

PO4 around 1-1.5 ppm is on the high side but ain't so bad,
but getting the NO3 down to about 1 fourth of what it is
now would be good. Also, you've been adding potassium? If
you're limited in the potassium, your plants won't be able
to use up the NO3.

A good balance that's easy to remember is 20|10|1 for 
Potassium, NO3, and PO4 respectively.  About a teaspoon of
potassium sulfate per 70 gallons is a good measure to get
roughly 20 ppm.

I'll bet if you get down to a more balanced level, NO3 down
to about 10-15 to go with the PO4 of 1-1.5 and maintain
your potassium, the BGA will subside.   

Good luck, and let me know if yhou need any bladder wort,
hair algae, etc.  ;-)


--- Billinet at aol_com wrote:
> Thanks for your responses!
> So I finally have blue-green algae!  I guess that makes
> me at least a junior 
> member of the club; I've never been able to grow it
> before.  Other kinds, 
> though. <g>
> Since the tanks in question are about a week old and have
> a soil substrate, I 
> am assuming that a nutrient release from the soil is
> fueling the outbreak and 
> this will stop when the tank matures.  I will continue to
> remove the algae 
> every day.
> Sherry, Diane Walstad recommends the use of Miracle Grow
> potting soil.  It 
> does contain some inorganic fertilizers but Ms. Walstad
> has not found that these 
> get into the water column.  The high nitrates could also
> be coming from 
> conversion of the ammonia that the fish produce, I 
> guess.  I don't know about the 
> phosphates.   The stuff could be leaking, too.
> Scott, before the last water change the NO3 was about 40
> in both tanks and 
> the PO4 was between 1 and 1.5 in each (not .1).  The PO4
> in particular was up 
> substantially, from .2 in each tank on day 1.  I would
> think that these would 
> drop as the plants start growing.   In the meantime I'll
> be changing the water 
> regularly.
> Thanks again, all!
> Bill
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