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[APD] Re: Blue-Green Algae, or Is It?

Thanks for your responses!

So I finally have blue-green algae!  I guess that makes me at least a junior 
member of the club; I've never been able to grow it before.  Other kinds, 
though. <g>

Since the tanks in question are about a week old and have a soil substrate, I 
am assuming that a nutrient release from the soil is fueling the outbreak and 
this will stop when the tank matures.  I will continue to remove the algae 
every day.

Sherry, Diane Walstad recommends the use of Miracle Grow potting soil.  It 
does contain some inorganic fertilizers but Ms. Walstad has not found that these 
get into the water column.  The high nitrates could also be coming from 
conversion of the ammonia that the fish produce, I  guess.  I don't know about the 
phosphates.   The stuff could be leaking, too.

Scott, before the last water change the NO3 was about 40 in both tanks and 
the PO4 was between 1 and 1.5 in each (not .1).  The PO4 in particular was up 
substantially, from .2 in each tank on day 1.  I would think that these would 
drop as the plants start growing.   In the meantime I'll be changing the water 

Thanks again, all!


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