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Re: [APD] RE: Spot algae

I'll make the necessary changes and see how it goes, thanks so much

-Dave T.

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> Well no CO2 for a time will cause spot algae to increase a great deal.
> Lack of PO4 also seems to be correlated with it's appearance.
> So general neglect such as no CO2, high light, no PO4 from leaving for
> awhile likely caused it, but it's not hard to deal with or correct.
> Simply moving back the lights from the front of glass cures some issues.
> Less light does the best with good CO2 and nutrients, moderate fish load.
> Least amount of algae, robust nutrient ranges, less lectric and bulb cost,
> initial set up cost, less to worry about when going away, slower growth,
> algae eaters can do more damage per critter.
> You can add more light, but there's less room for error which can be a
> lesson in optimizing things for lower light tanks. But either can be done
> and kept algae free with a little work and consistency.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

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