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Re: [APD] RE: Spot algae

Tom, thanks for the advice.  Since I got back from Fl I've increased the
CO2, feed the fish more regularly and have added in a second light dosing of
MKP per week (after water change and a few days before).  I've got lots of
new, good growth that hasn't shown signs of giving into the spot algae.
Also, algae on the already effected plants has not increased.  Some plants
seem to be growing off the algae, if that's possible, but mostly what's
there has remained so far.  Can I expect it to dissipate off the leaves over
some time or is it going to be a painful turnover only when the leaves are
completely replaced by newer ones?

Dave T.

Tom Barr wrote:
> > Well no CO2 for a time will cause spot algae to increase a great deal.
> > Lack of PO4 also seems to be correlated with it's appearance.
> >
> > So general neglect such as no CO2, high light, no PO4 from leaving for
> > awhile likely caused it, but it's not hard to deal with or correct.
> >
> > Simply moving back the lights from the front of glass cures some issues.
> > Less light does the best with good CO2 and nutrients, moderate fish
> > Least amount of algae, robust nutrient ranges, less lectric and bulb
> > initial set up cost, less to worry about when going away, slower growth,
> > algae eaters can do more damage per critter.
> >
> > You can add more light, but there's less room for error which can be a
> good
> > lesson in optimizing things for lower light tanks. But either can be
> > and kept algae free with a little work and consistency.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Tom Barr

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